Las redes acercan, de eso estamos convencidos. Pero los aviones acercan más. Eso pensaron los chicos de la ONG Time for Action cuando escucharon que un terremoto acababa de arrasar Nepal. Pidieron ayuda a amigos y a familiares, recogieron lo que pudieron y se marcharon para allá.
Nosotros quisimos reflejar algo de eso en su imagen: los sellos del pasaporte, la importancia del lugar por encima de la marca. Mantener el espíritu que les había llevado a fundar la ONG.


The social networks bring people closer: that, we know. But planes bring people even closer. That’s what the guys from the NGO Time for Action thought when they heard that an earthquake had devastated Nepal. They asked for help to their friends and families, picked up what they could and set off.
We wanted to show this in the image we created for them: stamps in passports, the importance of the place more than the brand. We wanted to keep the spirit in which the organization was created.

With: Time for action
What: design / identity.
Where: Barcelona
When: 2016